Softwood & Hardwood Kraft Pulp (Cellulose)

We are the leading distributor of Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp (NBSK), Hardwood and MIX (70% hardwood and 30% softwood) with last type gaining day by day more interest from our existing clients.

Our pulps consist high-quality pine and spruce and are obtained from sustainably source in Central and Eastern European region. The Softwood and Hardwood pulps which we distribute to our clients are produced from coniferous trees with good fibrous characteristics, tensile and tear strengths. Such ensures the prime quality. The wood we use is traceable and comes from certified forests.

Substantial percentage of our sales are in Softwood pulp, although we are noticing growing demand for MIX (70% hardwood and 30% softwood).

We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality softwood, hardwood and mix pulp, which makes their final products to be at the high quality and value. We develop our products in close cooperation with our customers. In this way, we ensure excellent end product qualities that meet our customers’ requirements for specific pulp characteristics and paper properties.

Our NBSK is commonly used in the production of paper, paperboard and tissue products. The long fibres of softwood pulp give strength to the end product, as well as runnability and excellent dewatering properties in the production process.

We are currently shipping almost 15,000 mt per month within the primary market being Europe, followed by Turkey and Middle East clients. Expected sales volume for next year would be in range of 20,000 mt per month.

Product:                     Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp

Grade:                        NBSK

Standard:                   GOST 9571-89

Customs Code:           470321

Time of Delivery:       Within 6 to 8 weeks after signing contract and order being confirmed.

Specification:              According to manufacturer specification.

Sample Specification: As per below with GOST’s allowed deviation:

Breaking length Km9,4
Tensile IndexN * m/g92,0
Double Folding 1500
Dirt content  
–       From 0,1 to 1,0 mm2mm21
–       From 1,0 to 2,0 mm2mm20
–       From 2,0 to 3,0 mm2mm20
–       Over 3mm20
pH of water extract 6,8
Absolute bursting strengthkPa476
Burst indexkPa/g6,3
Mass 1 m2 gm2 g1080

Sample of MIX Specification and comparison to NBSK: According to manufacturer specification.

Brightness, % min87,0088,00
    Physical properties°60 SRBreaking length, km10,39,5
Burst indexk Pam2/g8,17,1
Dirt content as per GOST:  
0,1 -1,0 mm²01
1,0 -2,0 mm²00
2,0 -3,0 mm²00
above 3,0mm²00

Whiteness:                  86-89%

Ash content, mass:      up to 0.4%

Fiber length:                1.7 mm

pH:                              6,0-9,0

Extractivess:                (Acetonesoluble matter) – 0.07%

Dirtiness:                     TAPPIT213 –   01 mm2/m2

Documents provided:

Seller will provide the following documents for the Buyer’s for the purpose of Customs Clearance:

a) T1

b) Signed Commercial Invoice.

c) Weight/packing list.

d) Quality Certification issued by manufacturer of the batch dispatched.

e) Inspection report from dispatch Terminal

Packing:     The products are manufactured in 700×840 mm sheets, limit deviation of +/- 10 mm.

The products are packed in bales weighing 250 kg with a permissible deviation of +/-10 kg, the bales are packed in bags weighing 2000 kg with a permissible deviation of +/-100 kg.

The packaged bales are tightened with steel wire of at least 2.3 mm diameter in three belts (one in transverse direction and two in longitudinal direction of the bales), the bag arebe tightened with seven belts in transverse direction.


Sheet Size:       70 x 84 cm

Bale Size:        70 x 84 x 42.5 cm

Net:                 250 ±10kg

Pulp is packed in sheets and wrapped with steel wire.

Unit load: (8 bales) Size: 140 x 84 x 170 cm

Mass of unit load is 2000±100 kg

Wrapped with steel wire

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