Cellulose – Softwood Kraft Pulp Paper production 

We have extended our product range for institutional and corporate clients seeking access to Softwood Kraft pulp for production of their end products – the paper. We are directly linked to the some of the largest manufacturers producing high quality Cellulose – Softwood Kraft Pulp, located in Central and Easter Europe.  

We are expecting to ship up to 5,000 mt per month within the first stage to European and Middle East clients, followed by 20,000 mt per month soon after.

Product:                     Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp

Grade:                        NBSK

Standard:                   GOST 9571-89

Customs Code:           470321

Time of Delivery:       Within 6 to 8 weeks after signing contract and order being confirmed.

Specification:              According to manufacturer specification.

Sample Specification: As per below with GOST’s allowed deviation:                                  

Humidity %8,4
Breaking length  Km9,4
Tensile Index N * m/g92,0
Double Folding 1500
Dirt content  
–       From 0,1 to 1,0 mm2mm21
–       From 1,0 to 2,0 mm2mm20
–       From 2,0 to 3,0 mm2mm20
–       Over 3mm20
pH of water extract 6,8
Absolute bursting strengthkPa476
Burst index kPa/g6,3
Mass 1 m2 gm2 g1080

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