About us

We, the Consiliari Partners, are a well-established hub for cross-border supply and delivery of products to the network of international clients. We focus on efficient worldwide supply chain and logistics of related products.

Our management has vast experience with major multinational corporations, including corporate banking, refineries and High-Level referrals. This experience allows us to create the most effective association for swift adaptation of our clients’ needs. Our main emphases are on the Trading, Consulting and distribution of liquid and hard commodities.

We focus mainly on hard commodities such as Softwood Kraft Pulp for paper production, followed by liquid commodities: Aviation fuels AvGas 100ll, AvGas Unleaded UL, Jet fuel and enhanced specifications of such Jet, meaning F-34, F-44, JP5, JP8, furthermore Diesel SFD, Gasoline RON95 and all sort of additives which improves quality of these products.

The commodities trading arm links refineries and their products to “end” clients creating opportunities for a fast and efficient worldwide supply chain. We are truly worldwide team with trading and financial arm based in London/UK, Bern/Switzerland and operational division located in Poland, responsible for logistics, including sea shipments, airlifts, rail and road transportation of refinery products. We create partnerships with local representatives and build a strong joint venture with them which work adequately and very successfully.