Through our knowledge, experience, sense of responsibility, commitment and enthusiasm we have managed to create a team of educated professionals with prestigious experience. Our financing projects aim to restructure the company debt or increase it through a debt offering on London  Stock Exchanges.

Our experience, born of many years of working with the world?s largest financial institutions, enables us to deliver unique services unavailable on the Polish market. To this end, we are supported by our respected partners worlwide. Through personal contacts we successfully manufacture individual solutions to meet our clients’ expectations.

In achieving success for our clients we emphasize:

Confidence: We hold confidence to be a key element in the consulting process. Our target is to build positive relationships with clients based on mutual trust and long-term collaboration. This approach helps us view cooperation with our client from a different perspective: that of long-term partnership and pursuit of far-reaching targets.

Knowledge: Knowledge is a crucial component of each project. Through knowledge, we are able to safely steer clear of the twists and turns everyday life brings. The same applies to business. Our knowledge enables us to look for optimal solutions and attain long-term goals. Our team is made up of people who gained their knowledge at the very best universities in Poland and abroad, in economics, business, law and political science. Thanks to our knowledge, clients receive full information on the feasibility of their plans and all attendant economic and legal considerations.

Experience: Financial consulting is a high-responsibility exercise. One single mistake can be very costly. A lack of adequate knowledge and, more importantly, experience may lead to irreparable damage. Bearing this in mind we have built a team whose years of experience in Europe?s largest financial institutions have enabled them to gain the necessary grounding. By pooling experience, we are able to build and structure our offer with full safety and awareness. Our knowledge and skills have repeatedly proved themselves over the years to the most exacting of clients. They are our best references. The special nature of our work requires and motivates us to continually broaden our knowledge and build on our skill base.

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