Geo-Plutonic Revolution

The minimum size of Geo-Plutonic power plant which we would consider to build is 30MW. That stems from economics of construction costs and drilling rig deployment, however we can build much larger power plants of 100MW or more.

In fact the larger the power plant capacity the lower the unit cost of construction. For a 30MW power plant, the construction costs are USD 162 million, or 5.4 USD million/MW. With power plants of 100MW or larger the unit cost per MW drops down to 4 USD million/MW.

We have several locations in Switzerland where the Swiss authorities would be happy to build a larger size power plants. Nevertheless, the best option would be to built multiples of 30MW size in several locations one after another or even simultaneously. This is due the legal environment in which power plants of up to 30MW are not subject to federal regulations but canton building permits. Cantons in Switzerland have much less red tape and are much more determined to build local power plants- so it is much easier to go this route.

The above prices are turn-key and include a point license fee to prof. Zakiewicz,

We have an interest right now from 27 countries and some of them are very advanced in arranging financing, not to mention permits and land leases.

We are expecting to start the first project within 2-4 months. For any investor who comes in before that, we are offering a fixed turnkey price option to maintain the initial price as long as the preliminary feasibility study.

Hard Commodity

We have extended our product range for private and corporate clients seeking access to hard commodities. We are directly linked to the some of the largest refineries and their products, including all types of Aviation Fuel and Fuel Oil.

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